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14th December 2018

16 Streets in Freetown Tipped as Prohibition Areas for Parking," Road Authority Warns!

By a press release (12/09/18)

The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority SLRSA has imposed stiff prohibition laws on parking in Central Business District in Freetown.


SLRSA press release states: "After consultations with stakeholders in the road transport sector and in accordance with Part XI, Section 117 of the Road Traffic Act of 2007, which prohibits the parking of Motors Vehicles in certain areas, the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority and other stakeholders have decided to implement the law to the letter." (Photo: A congested vehicular traffic in Central Freetown).

Reports say the other major stakeholders in this drive include the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) and the Freetown City Council (FCC) and they want to inform drivers and vehicle owners that the following streets within the Central Business District (CDB) have been declared ‘NO PARKING and NO WAITING’ streets between 6:00 am to 7:30 pm every day with immediate effect.

Parking will only be allowed for off-loading and that should be done within Forty (40) minutes after every Two (2) hours. SLRSA sources say this move is designed to cut down the rampant congestion and constant traffic jams in the city centre.

The prohibited streets in central Freetown, 16 in total, directly affected are as follows: Wilberforce Street; Free Street; Malama Thomas Street; Short Street; Lumley Street; Back Street; Sibthorpe Street; Frederick Street and Regent Road.

Others include Upper East Street; Howe Street; Garrison Street; Regent Street; Sackville Street; ECOWAS Street and Rawdon Street in Central Freetown.

"Drivers and Vehicle Owners are advised to comply in their own interests as defaulters would be penalised accordingly. Beware! Be Warned!! Don’t Fall A Victim!!!," the SLRSA press statement noted.

Courtesy: SLRSA in collaboration with the SLP and FCC


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