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14th December 2018

New Standard Bureau Boss Wants Hard work, Meritocracy, No Sacred Cows!

By Abubakarr S. Bah (12/09/18)

The new Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau (SLSB) has noted his belief in hard work, meritocracy and discipline.


Professor Thomas Yormah (photo), who replaced outgone Executive Director James Saio Dumbuya on Friday 7th September 2018 in Freetown also highlighted that there will be no sacred cows under his tenure.

The event was attended by the Acting Minister of Trade and Industry, Reverend Abraham Sesay-Jones, the Permanent Secretary Abdul Rahman Fofana and the Director of Trade Charles Mere Weather Thompson.

Delivering his farewell speech at the Bureau's new conference hall, the former Executive Director Ing. James Saio Dumbuya, who has been at the top of the SLSB helm for a decade, described the event as historic.

He gave a historical background of the institution, the achievements and successes during what he referred to as difficult moments but said: "We were able to bring Standards Bureau to where it is today with the food-micro biology and chemical laboratories, as well as the petroleum laboratories equipped and in operations."

James Saio Dumbuya added through the support of his team: "We were able to roll out the metric system in the petroleum sector and the institution was on the verge of going metric in the commercial and general trade sector with standardised measuring cups for both solid and liquid."

Mr. Dumbuya spoke about the institution's memberships in the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML), Africa Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) and the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and other affiliate bodies.

He also spoke about the challenges facing the institution such as lack of political will over the years and decentralisation which he said had been seriously affecting the institution. Ing. Dumbuya congratulated his successor and wished him well in office.

Responding, the incoming Executive Director of the Bureau, Professor Thomas Yormah expressed his profound gratitude to President Julius Maada Bio for reposing confidence in him to serve. He commended his predecessor for his service and urged the staff to work with him.

"In my tenure as Director there would be no sacred cows and as a religious person, I would be a God fearing individual by treating everyone on the basis of 'do on to others as you would want them do on to you'. The Bureau has been facing serious criticisms in terms of publicity and marketing and that many people in the country including intellectuals do not know much about the Bureau which I promised to change," Professor Yormah said.

He said as a professional, he believes in hardwork, discipline and meritocracy, ensuring that staff get what they deserve or merit and motivation would be some of his policies. He admonished staff working at the laboratories to maintain professionalism at all times.

The Acting Minister of Trade and industry, Rev. Abraham Sesay-Jones commended the outgoing Director, Mr. Dumbuya for what he referred to as his remarkable work over the years. He described Mr. Dumbuya as a professional and a patriot who worked hard in uplifting the Bureau's status.

"The world is a stage just like football; a striker or footballer plays well and would be in a position to score a goal and the coach decides to recall him to the bench for another striker. I urged the staff to support their new boss because the government's New Direction agenda is poised for service delivery," Minister Sesay Jones said.

The handing over event was climaxed with a conducted tour of the Standard Bureau's facilities and laboratories in Fireetown.

Courtesy: By Abubakarr Salieu Bah, Public Relations Officer


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