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14th December 2018

Sierra Leone Brewery Replaces Consumers' Bottle Drinks with Cans this September!

By the Ranger (10/09/18)

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL), has planned to introduce customers’ favourite alcoholic drinks in cans this month September 2018.


Reports say this is in line with its continued modernisation drive. This September Brewery will start producing its esteemed customers’ favourite alcoholic drinks in cans alongside the usual bottle drinks made possible with its brand new state-of-the-art canning production system.

Already the company has invested 29 billion Leones in the new canning line. The civil works are almost complete and the equipment installed at the company’s Wellington Estate Office. The new line is expected to be up and running next month.

With huge loss incurred from using bottles for its beer, stout, maltina and other products for the local market, SLBL has in its bid to remain competitive and remain the nation’s leading alcoholic beverage producer and supplier, has ventured into canning.

Work on the new packaging system will be completed soon, with Brewery promising that it has the capacity to meet with the nation’s demand. It is also learnt that with the canning line, SLBL will be able to produce high quality drinks in the convenient can format to answer consumers’ expectations.

This new production method will be of advantage to distributors, who have been finding it hard to replace lost bottles. This innovation is the first in the West African sub-region, according to the Company’s Managing Director, Daaf van Tilburg, who stressed that they are very proud to invest in a state of the art canning line here in Freetown.

"This investment indeed shows our commitment to offer the best to our consumers. Furthermore, it also proves our confidence in Sierra Leone and in the investment opportunities offered by the country," he proudly maintained.

The canning line investment is part of a large investment programme in which SLBL has already spent over 200 billion Leones (€29M) in the last three years. In 2017, SLBL doubled its production capacity with the installation of seven massive fermentation storage tanks with the objective to meet current and future demands.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of SLBL, Albert Ojo Collier, frankly stated that their recent investment has indeed led to a significant increase in sales, as consumers are very much appreciative of the high quality of SLBL’s beers. Importantly, this led to an increased contribution to the tax revenue of the country.

Meanwhile, Brewery will face stiff competition from importers of alcohol beverages, who now enjoy a huge tax cuts under the revised 2018 Finance Act, which the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Sorghum Farmers Association laments, will adversely affect actualisation of the Local Content Policy in the agricultural sector.

Prior to the revised 2018 Finance Act recently approved by Parliament and awaiting Presidential assent, the growth of SLBL has had a direct positive impact on other Sierra Leonean businesses. Over 25,000 sorghum farmers and their supporting families, located all over the country are benefitting from the cultivation and supply of sorghum to the Brewery.

It had also created thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Sierra Leone via their own employees, distributors, transporters, suppliers and the entertainment sector. With the growth of SLBL, also the businesses of their partners have grown and this has created a multiplier effect all over the country.

Mr. Collier stated how SLBL is proud of this new investment, which is another transformation for consumers to enjoy their high quality beers, proudly 'Made in Sierra Leone'.


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