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14th December 2018

AYV Media Empire and LAKE Productions Sign 2018 National Entertainment Awards!

By a press release (08/09/18)

The AYV Media Empire and the LAKE Productions Company have signed an official partnership for the National Entertainment Awards 2018. 


Reports say the historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between AYV and LAKE took place at 12pm on Thursday, August 30, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Memunatu B. Pratt at AYV's Conference hall, Wesley Street in Freetown. (Photo: Mr. Anthony Navo Jr., owner of AYV Media Empire).

LAKE Production Company Limited is excited to inform members of the Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry, the Press and the General Public that, the Biggest and Best media institution in Sierra Leone - the AYV Media Empire has exclusively cemented a long lasting partnership with the National Entertainment Awards in Sierra Leone.

AYV is going to refill spark of professionalism into the overall planning, production and management of the 2018 NEAwards. As the build up to the 2018 NEA continues, we ask the following questions:

Do you want to witness an event that will give you a lovely memory of 2018? Do you want to see a well planned and state of the art digitally produced international event in Sierra Leone?

Do you want to experience class, glamour, glitz, razzmatazz and extravaganza, then NEA2018 is the ultimate choice. December 23rd is the biggest date in the 2018 event calendar in Sierra Leone.

Bintumani International Auditorium is the damn venue. It will not be the usual Bintumani you know. Make no mistake. Avoid the shocks and regrets. Don't wait to be told. Book your time with this epic showbiz in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry.

National Entertainment Awards (NEA) is the best thing to happen to you. Entreat yourself, your pals, loved ones and family members into a royal and biggest gathering that build more camaraderie and ecstatic encounter.

We know your taste. We deliver it to your utmost satisfaction. NEA2018, Think Local, Act International.

Courtesy: LAKE Productions Company, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Rugged International, AYV Media Empire, Inkee Media, Ran Sin.

Signed: Ibrahim Sorious Samura, Programme Director, LAKE Production Company, +23230624762 or +23278224046, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,*


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