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14th December 2018


Watch Out for Sierra Leone’s Next First Lady!!!

By STN, Special Commentary (12/01/17)

In 2018, Sierra Leone will go in to general and presidential elections. Many politicians are now parading with the future First Ladies.

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Yaya's Humiliation by the Man City Manager Angers Many African Fans!

By Abu Shaw in London (25/09/17)

Manchester City supporters especially from Africa are disgusted that their star player and the King of African football is being ignored by Man City.

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Bwanga Tshimen,  First from DR Congo and Africa's 4th Winner in 1973

History Revisited (11/10/17)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo was proud winner of the coveted African Footballer of the Year thanks to Raymond Bwanga Tshimen.

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Meet the New SLRSA Boss Memunatu Koroma, a Team Player and Academic Icon!

By a press release (25/12/17)

Admirers of the new SLRSA boss, Memunatu Koroma, say she is a seasoned administrator who will successfully steer the SLRSA ship.

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Salif Keita was the First African Player of the Year 1970 and the Messi of 70s!

History Revisited (27/09/17)

Salif Keita Traore, popularly known as Salif Keita has gone down in football history as the pioneer to clinch the African Player of the Year award.

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Brief Autobiography of the SLPP National Women's Leader, Fatmata Sawaneh

By a press release (11/02/18)

The SLPPNA Women's Wing in the US has recently invited the SLPP National Women's leader as guest speaker for their fundraising drive.

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A Glance at Elizabeth Kamara, Wife of the APC Presidential Candidate Samura 

By a press release (31/12/17)

Mrs Elizabeth Massah Samura Kamara, dubbed 'The Next First Lady of Sierra Leone' has family tree rooted in Pujehun, Bonthe, Bo and Freetown.

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Ibrahim Sunday: Ghana's First and Africa's 2nd Football Winner in 1971 

Revisiting History: (29/09/17)

Ibrahim Sunday of Ghana also made football history by becoming the first ever African footballer to appear in the Bundesliga in Germany.

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Paul Moukila, Congolese 1st Football Winner of CAF Award in 1974

History Revisited (21/10/17)

Paul Moukila helped his country, the Congolese National Football team to win the African Cup of Nations in 1972, the first and only time.

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Famous Sierra Leone Feminist, Anti-colonial Activist and Politician Agatha Honoured!

By a press release (21/05/18)

Admirable Sierra Leoneans female anti-colonial activist Constance Agatha Commings-John is remembered for her Africanism spirit. 

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Chérif Soulegmane: Guinea's First and Africa's 3rd Football Winner in 1972

History Revisited (01/10/17)

Chérif Soulegmane, known widely as Chérif Souleymane, and born 20 October 1944 in Kindia, was Guinea's first Africa's best footballer.  

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1958 -1980


SLPP New Direction Must Do More to Fulfil the World Bank Governance Indicators!

By Ranger, Guest Editor (30/11/18)

The World Bank Governance Indicators define government effectiveness as the quality of public services and the degree of political independence etc.

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Sierra Leone Magistrates Get Tough on Women and 'Bombers': 'Ya Go Do'?

By Andrew Keili (30/11/18)

Sierra Leone, like many other countries is immersed in deep cultural discrimination against women by traditional customs and laws which must be overcome in order to achieve gender equality.

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