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14th December 2018



“HIGH WE EXALT THEE, REALM OF THE FREE, GREAT IS THE LOVE WE HAVE FOR THEE, FIRMLY UNITED…,” is the opening stanza of Sierra Leone’s National Anthem. It epitomises the direction the Organiser newspaper publication will take in the years ahead. 

The Organiser is published in London by Abu Shaw, the Founder, Proprietor, Publisher, Editor and CEO. This news website was set up following many years of identifying the missing links in the Sierra Leone media. This newspaper is the forerunner of the defunct Freetown Daily News and Press United newspapers. 

Our correspondents are based in the four regions of Sierra Leone and will bring you exclusive stories from your towns and villages. Our online publication is our priority at the moment, the first step towards the resumption of a full scale newspaper printing that will soon hit the newsstands in Sierra Leone.


The corporate values of the Organiser newspaper will act as the Holy Grail of the future operations which will mirror journalistic values i.e. press freedom, objective reporting, and above all seeking the interests of the people and country in its 24/7 news coverage.


The independence of the Organiser is our topmost priority. We owe an obligation to the people of Sierra Leone. As an independent media organisation, the Organiser will uphold the tenets of journalism without fear or favour. Many Sierra Leone media houses continue to publish very good stories that are very badly told and poorly written. The good news is that the Organiser is here to stay to make a real difference in the journalism profession.

Sierra Leone has been lagging behind many years in the search of true press freedom and the democratic rights of media houses and practitioners. This is because the 1965 Criminal Libel Law, which has turned out to be the most draconian press law in the country, continues to hamper press freedom in Sierra Leone.


The Organiser newspaper is wholeheartedly dedicated to the loving memories of all true journalists past and present in Sierra Leone and around the world. Special tributes go to my late brother and tutor Mr. Alpha Shaw. My late colleagues Conrad Roy, Alie-Wyse Koroma and Alpha Wurie Jalloh of Expo Times fame have special place in the heart of this newspaper. They all lost their precious lives in the fight for press freedom in Sierra Leone. 

Late Alpha Shaw, the elder brother of editor Abu Shaw, was one of the most brilliant journalists of his generation. His visionary write-ups and oratory skills still linger in the minds of those who knew him personally. He wrote many articles for the radical Tablet newspaper, the Progress newspaper and many others in Sierra Leone. He died at the tender age of 22 at the Connaught Hospital in Freetown on the 17th July 1980. His sudden death was a real shock to the Shaw family in Kenema and throughout the country. Ahmadiya Secondary School in Freetown was particularly shocked as he died whilst waiting for his A-Level results. 

This is Alpha Shaw’s most famous speech: “A man, who is ignorant of the society in which he lives, who knows nothing of its place in the world and who has not thought about his own place in it, is not a free man even though he has a vote.” Brother Alpha Shaw was the pioneer and embodiment of the spirit of journalism which continues to flow in the blood stream of the Shaw family in Kenema.

Colleague Conrad Roy was the News Editor of the Expo Times newspaper from 1995/1998 until his arbitrary arrest and detention at Pademba Road Prisons where he lost his life under the Kabbah/Berewa SLPP government in 1998. Colleague Alie Wyse-Koroma was Senior Staff Reporter of Expo Times newspaper. He too lost his life in mysterious circumstances in Freetown during the war. Cub Reporter Alpha Wurie Jalloh of Expo Times fame was killed in Freetown in 1998. May the blessings of God continue to shine on these great sons of Sierra Leone. 


Very few Sierra Leone media outlets give the full picture of what is really happening in the country. The Organiser believes this journalistic disservice must be stamped out for good. Our modus operandi will be to report stories hitherto unreported in Sierra Leone. We promise all Sierra Leoneans at home and in the diaspora that the Organiser will bring stories from their towns and villages to solve their nostalgic feelings. The Organiser welcomes all stakeholders to it's online edition and subsequent publications. Thank you for your custom.


On January 13, 2018, I became a full-fledged member of the newly formed National Grand Coalition (NGC) in Sierra Leone. I denounced membership of my previous party the ruling All Peoples Congress APC (December 2016- December 2017) because of rife corruption embedded in the Ernest Koroma's government. Before joining the APC, I was a member of the Alie Kabba - UK/I SLPP party from mid 2015 to 2016) before I resigned because of Alie Kabba dictatorship. It's an honour to be part of the NGC party led by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella for its stance to stopping corruption and putting 'Salone Fos'.

My newspaper will do everything possible through honest editorials and commentaries to help promote national development, fight corruption in the interests of all Sierra Leoneans.  Thanks Abu Shaw, editor/publisher.


1958 -1980


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