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Rest in Peace Journalist Samura Bangura, God Will Fight for You!

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay, Guest Editor (07/09/18)

Samura Bangura, you were among the finest journalists that this country has seen. Rest in Peace and God will fight for you. Amen.

You were a police officer but you were to find a place in the offices of another fine journalist who is now late, Olu Gordon from where, I believe, you developed your radical approach to journalism.

You were the type that never minced matters but rather laid bare the truth on the floor for all to see. We had many encounters out of which you proved yourself to be a fine gentleman also.

One day I sent a distressed friend to you for you to help him with publications. The friend later told me that you not only told him the truth but you also gave him money for his transport.

Another time we were together at a Beach party thrown by Annie Metzger. You were with your sidekick then who made you so very happy. I could sense the glee in you as you treated her with the utmost respect that a lady deserves.

You exhibited your radical nature when we met at now President Julius Maada Bio's office on the day of the 1st round of elections in March this year when the then ruling APC party sent security officers to harass the SLPP leader.

I could remember when you put a question to President Bio and President Bio said: "Bo Samura You Sef." You were not even moved that you were being chastised by the next President of Sierra Leone but you rather concentrated on your interview. You and President Bio were to later laugh it off.

The last time we met was when I went to your Kroo Town Road office to interview you on the merciless beating you suffered under the brutal hands of some APC thugs.

Your best friend, Dixon was present during the interview. After the interview I asked your permission to publish which you granted.

I was to be shocked later when I found you have found the spirit in your heart to forgive your assailants. But this I am sure you did not realise the seriousness of the beating and also did not realise that you were a corpse in waiting.

After your death I tried my best to seek justice for you but I have met with a brick wall standing my way. You have been forgotten now by even your colleague journalists and even those in authority now.

But let that not move you from your grave. You have God Who has said that vengeance is His and He will repay. Let us together wait for Him and those who murdered you in cold blood will soon get their own visitations.

Rest in peace my beloved brother and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may light perpetual shine on you forever till we meet again in that far beyond.

Your brother, Pastor Mohamed Sesay.


1958 -1980


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