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Political, Tribal Chess Game: SLPP Continues to Marginalise Krios and the Western Area Residents!

By Cyril Moijueh Kaitungi (07/09/18)

The political and tribal chess game continues unabated, as the SLPP continues to marginalise the Krios and by extension Western Area residents.

As the Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio continues to sack and marginalise other ethnic groups over his Mende relatives from the South-East, two Krios from the Western Area have suffered the latest political SLPP cheese game.

The two Western Area victims include the CEO SLIEPA, Mr. Dylan Sogie-Thomas, and the Ombudsman Melron Nicol Wilson Esq. who was unlawfully sacked on August 28 2018 and the latter cunningly sent on leave and both replaced by South-Easterners.

As a South Easterner myself and a patriotic Sierra Leonean above all else, I describe this wicked plan by the new government as a platform to sack all Krios and by extension other tribes in the country.

I'm horrified by the revelation from State House on the impromptu leave-cum-sacking scenario of Ombudsman Nicol Wilson and the sacking of SLIEPA's Chief Executive Officer Sogie-Thomas on the same day.

The entire Western Area and by extension the Krios and sympathisers reject in its totality this nefarious divide and rule plot by the SLPP government to victimise the other 15 ethnic tribes.

This atrocious scheme against our citizens has further portrayed the SLPP and its leaders as explicitly wicked and an anti-people party that have no modicum of goodwill towards Sierra Leoneans, but see delight in seeing Sierra Leoneans suffer, as evidenced in the presidency’s rampant sackings.

This is a party whose incompetence and anti-people administration plunged our country into extreme poverty and worst form of hunger and starvation in the last 5 months, and now they are in a wicked plot to sack innocent Krio's.

This is a party and administration that have failed to fulfill the littlest of their 2018 campaign promises, but has rather introduced harsh economic policies that are directly responsible for the collapse of the nation’s economy, dearth of foreign investments, closure of businesses with over 25,000 jobs lost and attendant pressure on families and living standards.

It is thus totally inexcusable that instead of seeking ways to create wealth and better the lives of Sierra Leoneans, the irredeemably wicked SLPP is rather thinking of ways to further pauperised the people, while their officials continue to fritter billions of Leones.

We, therefore urge all Sierra Leoneans to rise and resist this murderous plot by rallying on the platform of re-positioned Sierra Leone as a tribal free country and return our nation to the path of wealth creation, all-inclusiveness and economic empowerment, for which we have enjoyed over the past few years.


1958 -1980


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